Possible data breach, no danger

The short version:

Hackers illegally accessed some GOCRA donor name and address records. There’s no financial risk, and we’re locking things down even tighter. If your data may have been accessed, we’ve already sent you an email.

The long version:

It doesn’t matter whether you’re Target Corporation, a small civil rights nonprofit, or the U.S. government — someone will always try to hack your data.

And when it’s anti-gunners, with no facts, logic or law on their side, you know that they’ll turn to cheating.

Today, I’m sorry to say, we learned that some person or persons may have accessed and downloaded some information about a small number of our supporters. As soon as we learned of the unauthorized access, we took steps to block further access and ensure that the data couldn’t be further accessed.

That access was a crime, and we have already involved law enforcement in the investigation to pursue criminal charges against the data thieves. Based on what we know today, we are confident that the responsible parties will soon experience the criminal justice system firsthand.

I want to emphasize that no financial data was stolen. Because we use third party payment processing, no credit card or banking data was exposed.

This is what the stolen data looked like

The data stolen was limited to the name, postal address (if provided), and email of some of our donors over the last 20 months.

We’re very disappointed that this breach occurred, and we’re going to do everything we can to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. In addition to immediately securing the data, we’ve brought on an independent data security expert to completely audit and secure our data systems.

We appreciate your continued support and loyalty, and we thank you for your trust in the past, and moving forward.  We’re not going to let critics, code crackers or crazies stop us.



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