Are your gun rights worth eight cents a day?

Yesterday, we asked you if your gun rights were worth five minutes a day. Today, we ask you, how about eight cents a day?

At Saturday’s gun rights rally, which attracted around 1500 people (or, as Fox9 TV put it, “dozens”), GOCRA VP Andrew Rothman said this:

Are your civil rights worth five bucks a month

The opposition doesn’t have the numbers, but they’ve got the bucks. They have paid lobbyists down here at the Capitol, and in Washington, D.C.


We need those, too. GOCRA, the organization that’s been doing it for the last couple dozen years, that has been doing it with shoestrings and bubble gum


This year, shoestrings aren’t going to cut it. 


If we got just one dollar from each of the 115,000 Minnesota permit holders, we’d have a full-time lobbyist at the capitol.


If we got just one dollar from each of Minnesota’s millions of gun owners, we’d have a staff of ten or 15 working for your rights.

Joining GOCRA is easy. Just click here and choose the membership level that’s right for you. You can also make a one-time contribution here.


(Oh, and five bucks a month would be sixty bucks a year. Our regular membership is $30 — just $2.50 a month.)


Thanks for helping us fight for your rights!



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On Saturday, more than 1200 gun rights supporters rallied at the State Capitol to tell lawmakers to keep their hands off our rights.

It was a great start, but now the real work begins.

Here’s part of what GOCRA’s VP, Andrew Rothman, told the crowd:


If you go home and say, “I’ve done my part,” we lose. If you go home and figure, “those gun rights guys got my back,” it’s over.


You know who those gun rights guys are? They’re you.


Fighting for your civil rights is a marathon, not a sprint, so you better put on your jogging shoes.


Are your gun rights — your civil rights — your Constitutional rights — your HUMAN rights — worth five minutes a day?


What can you do in five minutes? Sunday, you can send an email to Senator Klobuchar and Senator Franken’s offices, and tell them that you’re against any more infringements of your rights.


Monday, you can call their offices and tell them the same thing.


Tuesday, you can call your state representative and state senator, and tell them the same thing.


Wednesday, send them an email.


On Thursday, you’re gonna put in a lot more than five minutes. You know what tells a legislator that you’re serious? Go see them at the Capitol. Yeah, I know, on a work day. You might have to take a half day to do this, but it really works.


Can you imagine if your state representative had a different constituent in her office every day, telling her — politely — to leave your rights alone? That’s political power, my friends.


On Friday, you can reach out to a gun owner that you know who isn’t here today. Get her on board, and get her making those calls and emails.


Saturday? Hey, you did a great job this week. Go to the range. But since you’re going anyway, why don’t you grab a fence-sitter — someone who’s not sure about this whole gun thing.


Take them to the range! Ignorance breeds fear, and when it comes to guns in America, we got plenty of ignorance and plenty of fear. So, PASS IT ON.


There you have it. Make the calls. Send the emails. Reach out. 


If your elected officials are anti-gun, do it anyway. Politicians understand the peower of the grass roots. If they don’t hear from you, they can go on pretending — and saying — that their constituents agree with them.


 Go to it. Put on those jogging shoes.


We’ll have more tomorrow on how you can fight (peacefully!) for your rights.


Is the federal government buying tons of ammo to quell civil unrest?

A lot of people have asked us, lately, what we think of news reports that the federal government is buying enormous quantities of ammunition for various federal agencies, including Homeland Security. Some bloggers have suggested that this is evidence of a secret government plan to fight against its citizens. While we believe that a healthy distrust of government is both quintessentially American and patriotic, the answer is much simpler, though still worthy of concern. While almost half a billion rounds of .40-caliber, hollow-point ammunition seems like a lot, we need to look at a couple of things. First, that 450 million rounds is a maximum — the most that the feds might buy — over the next five years. They may not buy that many, but the contract allows them to purchase up to that many. Second, that ammunition is for 65,000 or more federal police officers (including immigration, border patrol, and others). Divide that out, and the worst case is still less than 1,500 rounds per officer per year, for training, qualifications, and for duty. That’s not an unreasonable number — most shooting enthusiast shoot much more. So, no, there’s probably no covert conspiracy afoot. On the other hand, 65,000 is a whole lot of federal cops. Thanks to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the NRA, and the office of Georgia Congressman Lynn Westmoreland for getting the real story.