Joel Rosenberg, 1954-2011

GOCRA is sad to announce that civil rights activist, author and instructor Joel Rosenberg died yesterday afternoon. He was 57, and had suffered from multiple health issues which had worsened in the last two years. He is survived by his wife and two daughters. Joel Rosenberg, 1954-2011 Rosenberg was the author of several textbooks on carrying a pistol with a permit, and was a prolific novelist, with more than 20 fantasy, science fiction and mystery titles published. In 2003, Rosenberg wrote the definitive textbook on carry in Minnesota, Everything You Need to Know About (Legally) Carrying a Handgun in Minnesota, published by the American Association of Firearms Instructors, Inc. In the eight years since, Joel has taught Minnesota Permit to Carry classes to thousands of students in the Twin Cities area and around the state of Minnesota. Rosenberg became interested in guns and self defense more than 20 years ago, after receiving a series of anonymous death threats from a professed neo-Nazi. He applied for and received an unlimited permit to carry a pistol from the Minneapolis Police, a rarity at the time, when citizens had to convince an official of a need for personal protection before being allowed to carry a gun for self defense. Not content with securing the then-privilege for himself, Rosenberg worked with GOCRA to pass the Minnesota Citizens Personal Protection Act of 2003, and was instrumental in its re-passage in 2005 after it was suspended by a court challenge. His online forum, active from 2005 to 2010, was an electronic gathering place for activists, hobbyists, students and others interested in guns in Minnesota. A prolific blogger and sometime gadfly, Rosenberg supported the same goals and principles as GOCRA and other organizations, but never accepted a formal role in any, preferring to be, in his words, “just a guy.” In 2010, Rosenberg was arrested for wearing a gun into the offices of the Minneapolis Police at Minneapolis City Hall, which contains a courtroom two floors away. He was charged with carrying gun into a courthouse complex, a charge which he planned to vigorously defend as being illegal, unconstitutional, and retaliatory for his frequent criticism of the Minneapolis Police. He is survived by his wife, Felicia Herman, and by his two daughters, Judy and Rachel. A fund to support Rosenberg’s family, which has suffered financially from his arrest, is available at Joel-Gunstop
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5 comments to Joel Rosenberg, 1954-2011

  • Dean

    Very nice piece

  • RIP Joel, thoughts are with your family.

  • Admin,

    Just wanted to let you know that your entire blog post has been copied and pasted into a blog post by the an anti-gun site.

    There is attribution but — they don’t even excerpt your work….just steal it.

  • Kimberly

    The world has lost a great, great man. Joel was a man of courage, leadership, love of liberty and an incredible teacher. His grand sense of humor combined with his deep beliefs made him an extrodinary individual. I thank Joel for all of his knowledge and awareness he shared with me. Joel improved many lives through his teachings and activism. There are no words to thank him enough for the value he has given to so many. He shall be deeply, deeply missed. My heart goes to his family during this time.
    With great sadness from his pupil and friend. – Kimberly F.

  • Dale P.

    Joel was my instructor for my very first carry permit.A great teacher and great sense of humor.The world will have a whole in it without him.My deepest sympathy to his family.