How many Minnesota carry permits get revoked?

A correspondent asked : How many Minnesota Permits to Carry get revoked per year. Florida reports about .01% — one out of every 10,000.

The short answer is, in Minnesota, fewer than one out of every 25,000 permits held per year is revoked.

Here’s the long answer:

I looked at the last four years, and divided the number of permits revoked by the number of permits held.

2006: 37,000 permits held, 3 revoked, .0081%
2007: 46,000 permits held, 0 revoked, 0%
2008: 53,000 permits held, 4 revoked, .0075%
2009: 63,000 permits held, 1 revoked. .0016%

Four-year average: .004%, or one in every 25,189

(Average permits held per month over four year period: 50,379; 8 revoked in four years)


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