Michael Bloomberg tries to buy the Virginia Senate Race

Get out the VoteYesterday, New York City billionaire Michael Bloomberg tried to buy the Virginia Senate election for gun banners with millions of dollars of out-of-state money. Fortunately, he failed, but we can expect to see the same thing in Minnesota in just 12 short months. That’s why, while GOCRA is representing Minnesota’s gun owners at the State Capitol, our allies at the Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee will be working their tails off to get the best pro-2A candidates onto the ballot, and then to help them win. Both parts of the equation are absolutely necessary! Please hook up with, and be generous in your support as they work to deliver a Legislature that can get things done for Second Amendment rights! As the election approaches, GOCRA and MNGOPAC will again work together to rate and grade the candidates, so that the whole state knows where candidates stand on your rights. [Disclaimer: MNGOPAC and GOCRA are completely separate entities, but pulling in the same direction — for your rights!]
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