You did it! Governor signs 5 pro-2A bills into law

You did it! The Governor heard your voice! This afternoon, Governor Dayton told the Minnesota Legislature that he will be signing SF878 into law. This bill contains five key Second Amendment rights provisions:
  • Suppressors legalized
  • Emergency Powers limited
  • Capitol Carry notification rule reformed
  • Interstate Purchase rights clarified
  • Carry Reciprocity standards reformed
A HUGE thanks for Rep. Tony Cornish for taking the bill through the Minnesota House. Thanks to the individual House bill authors, Representatives Mark Anderson, Jim Newberger, Jim Nash, Eric Lucero, and Dan Fabian, and Senators Paul Gazelka, Dave Thompson, Bill Ingebrigtsen, Kent Eken, Matt Schmit, and Lyle Koenen. Thanks to Governor Dayton, for choosing freedom! Thanks to our friends at the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to keep our bills moving! Most of all, thanks to YOU, who showed up, called, emailed, and supported GOCRA.
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