Right to Keep and Bear Arms Amendment bill introduced

hackbarth-bill-promo Today, long-time Second Amendment advocate┬áRep. Tom Hackbarth introduced HF1289, a bill that would put an amendment to the Minnesota Constitution, guaranteeing and protecting the right to keep and bear arms on the ballot in 2016. While 46 other states include the┬áRight to Keep and Bear Arms in their Constitutions, Minnesota never has. In legal terms, this amendment would introduce the standard of strict scrutiny to the review of any state law relating to guns: the state would need to show that any restriction of the right was necessary to accomplish a “compelling governmental interest,” and that the restriction was the least intrusive way to accomplish that interest. This amendment, if passed, would likely result in the repeal of a number of ridiculous laws based on prejudice, ignorance and fear, such as the restrictions on inexpensive guns, scary-looking guns, and hearing safety devices.  
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