Senate Capitol Carry Bill Withdrawn:NO NOON HEARING!

One down, one to go

Yesterday, GOCRA and NRA representatives met with Senator David Tomassoni, who was the author-of-record of the bad Capitol Carry bill, SF2690.

As often happens in the Legislature, Senator Tomassoni agreed to “carry” the bill as a favor to a colleague.

Once we calmly explained our issues -with the bill, Senator Tomassoni, who has always been a staunch supporter of Second Amendment rights, told us that he was not comfortable with the provisions of the bill. As a consequence, this afternoon, Senator Tomassoni withdrew the bill from consideration.

This means that THERE ARE NO GUN BILLS AT THE NOON HEARING! You can go to school, to work, or stay home with your kids!


We thank Senator Tomassoni — one of our favorite pro-civil-rights DFLers, for his continued support.

This is why we don’t scream and shout — we explain and persuade. It’s how we actually get things done.

Read more about how GOCRA workds here.

Bloomberg Rights Deprivation Bill Scheduled for 6 P.M. Thursday

Civil rights opponent Ron Latz, chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee, introduced SF2639, a bill that would create de facto confiscation of firearms from persons accused of domestic violence. THE BILL WILL BE HEARD THURSDAY EVENING, March 20, at 6 p.m. in Room 15 of the Capitol.

While GOCRA has no love for wife-beaters, this bill goes far beyond protecting victims, imposing a loss of civil rights without due process, and would impose back-door theft of personal property through exorbitant fees.

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