ALERT: House Bloomberg bill hearing Tuesday morning

Rep. Paymar photoThe House version of Michael Bloomberg’s unconstitutional gun grab bill, HF3238, will be heard Tuesday morning in Rep. Paymar’s Public Safety committee.

As GOCRA testified to last night, the bill strips accused individuals of fundamental Second Amendment and property rights without due process, and imposes, practically, a gun forfeiture on such accused individuals. We will be posting a detailed critique on our web site this weekend, and will email you an update when it is ready.

In the Senate, bill author Ron Latz successfully urged his fellow DFLers on the committee to pass the bill, promising that the bill would be fixed after it was passed out of committee. This is, in the words of GOCRA co-founder and attorney David M. Gross, “backwards, upside-down, and inside out“: bills are supposed to be voted upon based on their actual, current form, not vague promises of future amendment.

Once again, we are asking you to wear maroon (preferably a GOCRA shirt!), and show up to show your support your support for all civil rights, including due process, property, and Second Amendment rights.

The hearing starts at 10 a.m. in Room 10 of the State Office Building, next to the capitol. We recommend arriving by 7 to help guarantee a seat in the hearing room.

If you have not yet, please remember that you must notify the Commissioner of Public Safety if you intend to carry inside the Capitol complex. (Just click the link to do it!)

Civil rights supporters flood the capitol

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2 comments to ALERT: House Bloomberg bill hearing Tuesday morning

  • joe

    Are the hearings still set for Tues. 3/25/14 AM?

    I haven’t seen anything about that recently.

  • Jimmie W

    This is so wrong. This another example of the incremental reduction in rights we’ve seen from our “elected” officials. Currently, people who are convicted of these crimes can’t posess a handgun. Now, these jackasses want to make it such that if you’re convicted of these crimes you can’t have ANY gun. Do these clowns have any idea how nonchalant the courts are in putting a person in jeopardy of violating these completely unthoughtout laws?