Help get a new gun range built in the Twin Cities!

Help get a new gun range built in the Twin Cities!

If you live in the Twin Cities, you know how busy the small number of indoor ranges get, and how long you have to wait for a lane on a winter Saturday.

(And if you’re in Greater Minnesota, lend the city folks a hand anyway!)

A local, familiy-owned business is working to build a new gun store and range in Osseo (map), a suburb (near Maple Grove and Brooklyn Park) the northwest metro. Chris and Jeanine Willliamson have been FFLs for years, and are looking to expand their family business to meet this need.

Of course, some people will oppose anything to do with firearms.

We need to show the Osseo City Council that there is strong local support for this business, at that it will attract people and dollars into the Osseo community.

What you can do:

Go to Osseo tonight:

Please attend the Conditional Use Permit meeting TONIGHT in Osseo:

If possible, arrive by 6 p.m., but get there whenever you can. Please be neatly dressed and polite! This isn’t a protest, but a show of calm support! We recommend AGAINST open carry for this event.  


Monday, June 17

June 17, 2013, 7 p.m.


Osseo City Hall (map)

415 Central Ave

Osseo, MN 55369 


Call and email the City Council:

Please be very polite and friendly, and tell them IN YOUR OWN WORDS that you support a new gun store and range, and that you would visit Osseo and spend money there, both at the range and at local businesses such as gas stations and restaurants.

Mayor Duane Poppe, term expires 12/31/14

Phone: 612.359.1606 – Email:

Council member Allan Hartkopf, term expires 12/31/14

Phone: 763.425.2929 – Email:

Council member Bonnie Heinen, term expires 12/31/16

Phone: 763.425.3310 – Email:

Council member Mark Schulz, term expires 12/31/16

Phone: 763.425.7457 – Email:

Council member Rick Weber, term expires 12/31/14 

Phone: 763.424.6122 – Email:

More info:

Osseo Public Planning Commission

Conditional use permit needed for 14-20 lane gun range and retail sales, gunsmithing, and gun safety classroom space. Potential locations being considered include: old senior center site; Block 22, the old NRG Dance Studio and the old Advantage Stone and Brick Supply site were all being considered.


The proposal will be voted on by the planning commission that evening, then passed to the Osseo City Council for a vote on June 24.