Tell Minnesota House committee to respect our rights, control criminals

Gun Rights Showdown!

Tomorrow morning, the Minnesota House Public Safety Committee has a choice:
  • Stampede over your gun rights, or
  • Reduce crime and protect your gun rights
Help them make the right choice: call them TODAY!

What you can do right this minute:

Call AND email these Minnesota House members TODAY and tell them: Make the calls: Representative John Ward (DFL) 651-296-4333 E-mail: Thank Rep. Ward for his past support of your gun rights and encourage him to resist pressure from metro gun banners. Representative Shannon Savick (DFL) 651-296-8216 E-mail: Rep. Savick is a rural DFLer who needs to be reminded that her constituents will not tolerate new gun control. Representative Steve Simon (DFL) 651-296-9889 E-mail: Rep. Simon is a smart, principled lawyer. Remind him that the Supreme Court has affirmed the right to keep and bear arms as an individual right, and that stripping due process doesn’t make us more free or more safe. Representative Brian Johnson (R) 651-296-4346 E-mail: Rep. Johnson is new at the legislature this year, and will be under a lot of pressure to cave to gun control. Tell him to stand firm for our rights. Representative Mark Uglem (R) 651-296-5513 E-mail: Remind Rep. Uglem that the Second Amendment is not about hunting — it is a fundamental human, civil and Constitutional right, worthy of the strongest protection. Representative Debra Hilstrom (DFL) 651-296-3709 E-mail: Rep. Hilstrom is the chief author of the good bill, HF1325. Thank her for her strong rejection of registration schemes and her leadership on meaningful criminal control. Representative Tim Kelly (R) 651-296-8635 E-mail: Thank Rep. Kelly for his consistent votes for gun rights. Representative Andrea Kieffer (R) 651-296-1147 E-mail: Rep. Kieffer has been a strong voice in the fight for your rights, and deserves your thanks. Representative Kathy Lohmer (R) 651-296-4244 E-mail: Please thank Rep. Lohmer for her strong support of your rights! Representative Jim Newberger (R) 651-296-2451 E-mail: Rep. Newberger is a strong supporter of your gun rights. Thank him for staying strong. Representative Tony Cornish (R) – Republican Lead 651-296-4240 E-mail: Give Rep. Cornish a big THANK YOU for his strong support of your rights!

The Background:

Representative Paymar’s Public Safety Committee will hear the completely replaced HF237, a gun control wish list straight from the Chicago-funded gun controllers:





We call it the

Criminal Control Act

Punish Gun Owners Act

Chief Authors

Rep. Hilstrom (DFL)/Sen. Ortman (R)

Rep. Paymar (DFL)/Sen. Latz (DFL)

Co-Authors (House+Senate)

77+22 = 99

8+4 = 12

New Fees


$25 annual purchase permit +

$25 per-gun transfer fee

Universal Pistol/Sporting Rifle Registration


Every purchase,

even from a private party Every loan longer than 12 hours

New Delays


Delays purchase permit

Issuance up to 30 days

New Purchase Permit

Denial Reasons


Chief claims you are dangerous

Improves state/federal

felon records



Improves state records of dangerously mentally ill



Increases penalties for

felon in possession



Helps county prosecutors convict straw purchasers



Supported by sheriffs and prosecutors



Read The Bill

Rep. Paymar’s Rights-Violating HF237

Universal Registration:

This bill would require universal registration of pistols and sporting rifles, implemented through a “universal” background check, — twice: Every sale of these guns would have to go through a licensed dealer, who would charge you $25 per transferThese transfers would still require a permit to purchase, for which the House bill would charge you another $25 annually.

Rights Delayed

HF237 would extend the time that sheriffs and police have to process a purchase permit from five to seven business days, and allow the law enforcement official to fingerprint the applicant and extend the deadline to 30 days. Whenever he feels like it.

Rights Denied

Easier Carry Permit Denials
This bad bill would allow sheriffs the judgement to deny a carry permit on the basis of a subjective “likelihood” that the applicant was dangerous.
More Difficult Carry Permit Appeals Rep. Paymar’s mean-spirited bill outright encourages abusive denials: it removes the sheriffs’ obligation to pay an applicant’s legal fees when a permit denial is overturned — a safeguard that has kept sheriffs departments honest, and bogus denials fairly low, for almost 10 years.  The Sheriff’s Association has not asked for this unfair reversal of law.
The bill also lowers the sheriffs’ standard of proof of danger to self or other others from “clear and convincing evidence” to the mere “preponderance of the evidence.” Violating your rights should get harder, not easier! Due Process Protections Gutted HF237 would remove legal protections against losing your firearm rights. Currently, before you lose your right to own a firearm, you must be convicted or committed by a court. Under the new bill, any involuntary hospitalization, even overnight, would disqualify you from owning guns indefinitely. Making The Law Abiding Into Convicts The bill would set a new, very low standard of proof for conviction of serious gun crimes, using the phrase “knows or has reason to believe” to convict sellers who reports a gun stolen, or who sell a gun to a person who later commits a crime.

More Difficult Civil Rights Restoration The bad bill increases the difficulty and expense for a person who has paid their debt to society to regain their civil rights.

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