Make these two calls RIGHT NOW!

Minnesota demands a vote on SF1359

Put the pressure: make two phone calls and send one email right away!

Last night, Sen. Ron Latz (DFL-46) rammed his gun control bill through the Judiciary Committee (he’s the chairman), and refused to take a vote on Sen. Julianne Ortman’s (R-47) rights-respecting Criminal Control bill.
The good Ortman good bill, SF 1359, has the support of GOCRA, the NRA, the Minnesota Sherrifs Association, the Minnesota County Attorneys Association, and broad, bipartisan legislative support, including more than half of the Minnesota House. Sen. Ortman’s bill addresses criminals’ use of guns. Sen. Latz’s bad bill, SF458attacks the rights of law abiding citizens, and would create unversal gun registration in Minnesota, send us back to the bad old days of “May Issue” purchase and carry permits, and strip gun owners of vital Due Process protections. Demand a vote! We need you to call Sen. Latz’s office right this minute and demand that he put Sen. Ortman’s SF1359 on the agenda of today’s Judiciary Committee meeting.  The meeting starts at 11:30 this morning, so we need you to call RIGHT NOW!

Sen. Latz: 651-297-8065

If you can’t get through, try his committee administrator:

Cheryl Youakim: 651-296-4842

Whether you get an answering machine or a person, here’s the short, clear message:

Minnesota demands a vote on SF1359!

When you’ve done that, please call your own senator with the same message, and ask the senator to contact Sen. Latz this morning. To make sure the message gets through, please also send an email message to Sen. Latz on his web page. Take action now! Don’t let the rights-grabbing SF458 bill be the only option on the floor! Twitter users: Spread the word on Facebook and Twitter, retweeting @GOCRA_MN tweets and using the hashtag #demandavote
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