“Assault weapon,” magazine bans off the table (for now)

Your calls, emails, and overwhelming numbers at the Minnesota Capitol sent a clear message to lawmakers, and last night, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee told the Star Tribune that he will NOT pursue an “assault weapon” or magazine ban.


The fight is not over yet, though: there are still a raft of anti-rights bills coming up in the Senate on Thursday and Friday, and a new ban could sneak in as an amendment to any bill.


The gun grabbers hope that you’ll stop paying attention! Will you?

Call To Action:

If you can come on Thursday or Friday, we need you there. 


Senate Hearings:


Thursday, February 21, Noon

SF 235, 503, 69


Thursday, February 21, 6 p.m.

Public testimony on SF 235, 503,69, 458, 557, 520, 400, 413 and 568


Friday, February 22, Noon

SF 458, 557, 520, 400, 413, 568



ALL hearings will be ticketed, and seating will be first come, first served.


Please remember to notify the DPS as required if you intend to carry at the Capitol. Instructions here:


We’ll have more detail and analysis later today.
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3 comments to YOU DID IT!

  • Jeff Dege

    We’re all too likely to see a complete ban on private transfers, as a “common sense” compromise, if we don’t stand our ground.

    Do you want to have to go through an FFL – with its concomitant expense and paper trail – for every private sale, gift, or loan?

    If not, we need to keep fighting.

  • Joe

    I hope to attend on Thursday at the noon session. I’ve never done this before. Could you tell me where I can park? I know the area is pretty torn up thanks to our governor’s train set. Ramp or on-street are fine.

    Also, do I just enter by the front of the building? Will the location of the hearings be easy to find?

    Sorry for the dumb questions. I really would like to show my support in person for a change.

    Thanks … Joe