The hearings are over; the fight for your rights is just getting started

The first round of hearings is over…

…but the fight for your rights has just begun!

We’re the real grassroots:

As noted by statewide media, civil rights supporters like you once again outnumbered, out-organized and out-testified against rights-restricting gun control bills at last week’s Minnesota Senate hearings.

What’s Next:

Two committees — one in the  Minnesota House and the other in the Senate — will each be working on “omnibus” bills — great, big combo meals of gun control.

Based on the bills already heard in the House and Senate committees, these bills will attempt to:

  • Enact Universal Registration of pistols and sporting rifles, and make you pay for the registration

  • Make it easy for a police chief or sheriff to hassle, delay, and deny you a purchase permit (which will be required above), and make it harder and more expensive to fight that denial

  • Weaken the permit to carry law, making it easier for a sheriff to deny your right to carry, and make you pay for their violation of your rights

  • Make permit holders felons for accidentally carrying a gun onto school property

What you can do:

1. Call your own senator and representative! (Their info is at the bottom of this email. If it’s not, click the link to update your info!) The message is simple:

Tell them that you OPPOSE Universal Registration (what gun controllers call “universal background checks”)  — and so should they.

2. Call AND email the committee members:

Here are the members of the House Public Safety Committee (we’ll have the senate committee in the next email):

Rep. Michael PaymarRepresentative Michael Paymar (DFL) – Chairman



While Rep. Paymar is a strong believer in gun control, please thank him for running fair and even-handed hearings, and encourage him to put real solutions, not feel-good measures, into his omnibus bill. Remind him that there is much that both sides — and sheriffs and prosecutors — agree can help reduce criminal violence.


Representative Paul Rosenthal (DFL) – Vice Chairman


Rep. Rosenthal authored HF294, which would gut the civil rights protections of Minnesota’s Permit to Carry Law by allowing sheriffs to deny permits on the weakest of grounds. Tell him he should be working to punish criminals, not law-abiding citizens.


Representative Tony Cornish (R) – Republican Lead


Give Rep. Cornish a big THANK YOU for his strong support of your rights!



Representative Debra Hilstrom (DFL)


Thank Rep. Hilstrom for her strong rejection of registration schemes, as well as magazine and rifle bans and encourage her to persuade her fellow DFLers on the committee to work toward real solutions.



Representative Brian Johnson (R)


Rep. Johnson is new at the legislature this year, and will be under a lot of pressure to cave to gun control. Tell him to stand firm for our rights.



Representative Tim Kelly (R)


Thank Rep. Kelly for his consistent votes for gun rights.



Rep. Andrea KeifferRepresentative Andrea Kieffer (R)


Rep. Kieffer has been a strong voice in the fight for your rights, and deserves your thanks.



Representative John Lesch (DFL)



Remind Rep. Lesch that “equal protection” means just that — city folks have the same civil rights as country folks.



Representative Kathy Lohmer (R)



Please thank Rep. Lohmer for her strong support of your rights!



Representative Joe Mullery (DFL)


Rep. Mullery has been an opponent of gun rights for a long time. Remind him that if we work together, we can improve mental health and conviction reporting, and make our existing laws work better.



REp. Jim NewbergerRepresentative Jim Newberger (R)


Rep. Newberger is a strong supporter of your gun rights. Thank him for staying strong.



Representative Shannon Savick (DFL)


Rep. Savick is a rural DFLer who needs to be reminded that her constituents will not tolerate new gun control.



Rep. Dan SchoenRepresentative Dan Schoen (DFL)


Remind Rep. Schoen that as a police officer, he knows who the real bad guys are: they’re not the law-abiding Minnesota gun owners, and they won’t follow new gun control laws any more than they follow the existing ones.



Representative Steve Simon (DFL)


Rep. Simon is a smart, principled lawyer: he knows that the Supreme Court has affirmed the right to keep and bear arms as an individual right. He also knows that stripping due process doesn’t make us more free or more safe. But you can remind him anyway!



Representative Erik Simonson (DFL)


Rep. Simonson is a new representative. Remind him that gun control is DFL Kryptonite: it has cost the House its DFL majority before, and it will again.


Representative Linda Slocum (DFL)


Representative Slocum is a co-author on several gun control bills this session.  Tell her that focusing on the bad guys, not law-abiding gun owners, is the place to start.


Representative Mark Uglem (R)


Remind Rep. Uglem that the Second Amendment is not about hunting — it is a fundamental human, civil and Constitutional right, worthy of the strongest protection.


Representative John Ward (DFL)



Thank Rep. Ward  for his past support of your gun rights and encourage him to continue to do so.





If you’re just joining us, you can catch up on previous emails at

You can see the list of proposed gun control bills here:




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