GUN REGISTRATION bill on Thursday


Universal Gun Registration Bill – Hearings Thursday and Friday


The most dangerous bill this session is not a magazine ban, or an “assault weapon” ban. It’s universal registration, masquerading as “universal background checks.”


It’s called SF 458, and it will be heard on THURSDAY at the state capitol. GOCRA will be there to fight it. Will you?


SF 458, among other faults, would make you a criminal, punishable with up to a year in jail, if you buy or sell a pistol or cosmetically frightening rifle without doing the transfer through a licensed dealer (who will charge you $25 to make a permanent record for the federal government) or without the buyer getting a purchase permit (for which the police chief or sheriff will charge another $25).


Of course, these costly “background checks” won’t stop criminals from stealing guns, buying them on the street, or from sending their girlfriends and sisters (who have clean criminal records) into gun stores to buy the guns for them.


That’s because, of course, criminals don’t obey laws.


The gun banners know this any step to make guns harder to own and easier to take away is a win for them.


Whether you can come to the hearings or not, email and call your Minnesota senator and representative and tell them you won’t stand for it.


Don’t know who represents you? Look at the bottom of this email. If it’s not there, please update your info! We need to tell you about what’s happening in YOUR area.


Here’s the updated Senate hearing schedule:


All hearings are in room 15 of the State Capitol. You will need to arrive at least two hours early to get a seat in the hearing room, but there will be overflow seating with a closed-circuit feed of the hearings.


Please let us know if you’re attending (and which session) by sending an email to


THE WORST OF THE WORST of the bills, SF 458 – Universal Registration –  has been moved from Friday to Thursday.



Thursday, February 21


SF 235, 458, 69


Thursday, February 21

6 p.m.

Public testimony on SF 235, 503, 69, 458, 557, 520, 400, 413 and 568


Friday, February 22


SF 503, 557, 520, 400, 413, 568


You can read complete bill summaries at the GOCRA web site:


Don’t commit a felony! Please remember to notify the DPS as required if you intend to carry at the Capitol. Our simple instructions are here:



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10 comments to GUN REGISTRATION bill on Thursday

  • jerome braman

    it is a bad bill

  • Allan Brewster

    Take the criminals out of the Department of Justice, Whitehouse, and leadership in the Democratic Parties of the House and Senate, then things might run smoother.

  • Eugene

    This is indeed the most stupid law more fees to gun buyers most bill of sales hold up in courts and I don’t hang out with felons nor wood I sell any gun to a felon
    So this would only make add cost to law binding gun owners wake up and stop the blind line of infringing on the second amendment
    I would rather impeach ho bummer then watch this gun ban bunk

  • clay

    this is wrong — move to russa

  • Darrel Lyons

    If people will realize that guns don’t kill people, it is people that kill people. If they (government) want to stop killing people, then outlaw drugs (all) alcohol (all) automobile, knifes, etc. There are more killed by these than guns. And if the VP of our great nation realize what he said about buying a shotgun, any trained person can take a shotgun and use #4 buckshot and kill a group of people just like you can with a hand gun or rifle with a 10-15 round magazine. With that said, we have a right to OUR 2nd Amendment and if they want to take it then take ALL of OUR AMENDMENTS

  • Michael

    Why don’t they just go piss on every Veteran’s grave. It is what they are doing anyway. Granted people would say they are being disresptfull.. But every one of the Vets have died to give us the right to have guns. But they don’t think like that…

  • Dean Stenberg

    Registration and then confiscation. Come on Minnesotans, put a stop to messing with our 2nd amendment.

  • Alton R Pilgrim

    Please do not drink the kool-aid that the anti-American gun grabbers are hoping you do. We already have over 220 gun laws on the books, but it was up to you to make sure there is a check for the mental health of the person and that the do goods of the health department blocked you from doing that law need to be changed. If you remember in the awful Sandy Hook killings the prep tried to by a gun and was blocked so he did the next best thing he KILLED his mother and used her guns! You need to work on stopping the nut jobs from getting guns and leave law biding people alone not fall for this knee jerk reaction the Democrats that love to take away the 2nd amendment from law biding citizens to make them more helpless to control there own god given right to defend them selves from harm and tyrants that are in office now. What part of the 2nd amendment that states “shall not be infringed” do they not understand?

    Thank you, Alton Pilgrim

  • […] Minnesota lawmakers in the state senate have proposed a bill that would require gun owners to register their weapons under the guise of “universal background checks.” Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance, a gun rights advocacy group in Minnesota summarized what the bill aims to do: […]

  • […] Minnesota lawmakers in the state senate have proposed a bill that would require gun owners to register their weapons under the guise of “universal background checks.” Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance, a gun rights advocacy group in Minnesota summarized what the bill aims to do: […]