GOCRA candidate grades released; primary election tomorrow!

GOCRA candidate grades released; primary election tomorrow!

During election cycles, GOCRA questions Minnesota candidates to learn their positions on issues of importance to gun owners, and all defenders of liberty, throughout the state and the nation. We then grade each candidate, using these questionnaires, along with candidates’ public statements,  past actions, and voting records. These grades are sent to our members and supporters, posted online, and made available to other state and national groups to aid in their ratings.

This year, GOCRA is releasing its grades for Minnesota state offices before the primary, to better aid Minnesota gun owners and others in choosing the best candidate.

When looking at these ratings, please remember that due to redistricting, your district and polling place may have changed since last election! To find your district and polling place, please visit the Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office’s poll finder web site at

In districts with a contested primary election (tomorrow!), candidates opposing candidates are highlighted in blue (for DFL races ) or red (for Republican Party races). This primary election — and your primary vote — is very important! Please find your polling place and vote!

Remember: regardless of your party affiliation, you may vote in either party’s primary.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find your district and polling place

  2. View GOCRA’s candidate grades at

  3. Choose the candidate whose grade best reflects your views

  4. Forward this email to as many pro-rights friends and family as possible


  6. Bonus: Like us on Facebook, and spread the word there!