Minnesota Handgun Carry Permits Top 100,000

Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance

Minnesota Handgun Carry Permits Top 100,000

St. Paul, Minn. – More than 100,000 law-abiding gun citizens now hold Minnesota handgun carry permits, according to the latest monthly report from the state’s Department of Public Safety. The permits are issued under the Minnesota Citizens Personal Protection Act. As of May 30, 101,357 permits were active. The statute, known as a “shall-issue” law, requires county sheriffs to issue a five-year carry permit to any law-abiding citizen who has received certified training and passed criminal, mental health and substance abuse background checks. Passed in 2003 and re-passed in 2005 following a court challenge on a legal technicality, the statute replaced a previous “may-issue” system that allowed police chiefs and sheriffs absolute discretion to grant or deny a permit for any or no reason. Under the previous system, some jurisdictions issued permits freely, while others refused to issue any for personal protection. “Self defense is a human right,” said Joseph E. Olson, a law professor and president of the Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance, which lobbied for the law for more than a decade. “And the right to bear arms is a Constitutional right. Now, one in 40 Minnesota adults has exercised that right.” 100k-graph Gender chart Age Distribution Permit Density by County

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