You Made It Happen! Next steps on Gun Rights Omnibus Bill

You Made It Happen!

Yesterday, Minnesota gun rights moved forward as the House Public Safety committee passed the very important gun rights omnibus bill — HF1467 — in a decisive 10-7 vote.

Thank you for your help! Your calls and emails to representatives ensured that they were on board with this important piece of legislation. Our huge showing at the capitol — the seats were almost all full, and they were almost all us — showed legislators the strong support that this bill has in their districts (most of the small showing of the anti-rights crowd — and the capitol tour group they shanghaied and stickered — had to stand in the back).

(If you missed this hearing, you can see it here:

1. Please contact the 10 representatives who voted for the bill and tell them thank you for supporting civil rights! There’s a list at the end of this message.

We’re not done! The next stop for this bill is the House Judiciary Committee.

2. Please contact the Judiciary Committee members and ask them to VOTE YES on HF1467. There’s a list at the end of this message.

3. Please contact Mankato Director of Public Safety Todd Miller and thank him for his powerful testimony yesterday. His email is

HF1467 Summary

The bill expands legal recognition of our right to keep and bear arms for self defense, while improving public safety. The full text of the bill can be found here:


Adds Stand Your Ground

HF1467, authored by long-time gun rights advocate Representative Tony Cornish (R – Good Thunder), brings

GOCRA on the Radio: HF1467 on The Late Debate

GOCRA’s Andrew Rothman talks about gun rights and HF1467 on The Late Debate with Jack and Ben:

Click to listen

Carry at the capitol — stay safe AND legal!

To follow up on the last e-blast, here is our guide to legal carry at the capitol: If you have a permit to carry, you can carry into the Minnesota State Capitol and other state buildings in the area, but only if you notify the Commissioner of Public Safety of your intent to do so, in advance. Otherwise, it’s a felony. It’s a quick and easy process, so please do it. First, remember that the obligation to notify in advance applies to all the state buildings in the neighborhood, including the State Office Building, the Transportation Building, the Veterans’ Services Building, and even the Minnesota History Center. Here’s a handy map of those state buildings (in red): Click for full size Click to see the full-size map Second, it’s a good idea to keep a record of your notification. We recommend that you either:
  1. deliver the notification in person to the commissioner’s office, and get a signed receipt,
  2. send the notification with “return receipt requested” service from the post office (just ask them for the green postcard), or
  3. mail two copies of the notification with a self-addressed, stamped envelope, and ask them to sign and return one copy.
Here is a suggested format for your notification letter. You can copy and paste it, or download the letter as a PDF.
Minnesota Department of Public Safety
445 Minnesota Street, Suite 1000
St. Paul MN 55101

Minn. Stat. 609.66, Subdivision 1g specifies that a person who "possesses a dangerous weapon, ammunition,
or explosives in any state building within the capitol area described in section 15.50, other than the National
Guard Armory" is guilty of a felony, except for several classes of persons, including "persons who carry pistols
according to the terms of a permit issued under section 624.714 and who so notify the sheriff or the
commissioner of public safety, as appropriate." (Minn. Stat 609.66, Subd 1g, (b)(2))

Please consider this letter as the required notification, securing for me the exemption specified in Minn. Stat. 609.66, Subd 1g, (b)(2).

My current permit, issued by the  __________________ County Sheriff, expires on   ____ /____ /_______.
County                                          Date

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Very truly yours,

____________________________________        __________________
Signature                                   Today's Date

____________________________________        __________________
Full Name                                   Date of Birth