Going to the State Fair? Beware of Snakes!

Going to the State Fair? Beware of Snakes! Anti-gun Metrocrat legislators are continuing to push for universal gun registration, hidden in a bill that supposedly would close the mythical “gun show loophole.” At the State Fair, visitors to the Minnesota House of Representatives booth will be encouraged to fill out a “poll,” whose first question is, “When someone wants to purchase a firearm at a gun show, should a background check on the buyer be required prior to the sale? The only safe answer to this question is, “NO!”  A better answer would be “No, I don’t support Representative Paymar’s backdoor gun registration bill.”  Spread the word and forward this email to as many freedom-loving Minnesotans as you can. Here are this year’s poll questions being offered to fair-goers at the House of Representatives booth in the Education Building on Cosgrove Street just north of Dan Patch Avenue. #1.  “When someone wants to purchase a firearm at a gun show, should a background check on the buyer be required prior to the sale?” Pay very close attention to the wording. The question deceptively fails to differentiate between federally licensed firearms dealers and private party sales. A Short History Anti-gun lobbyists have been  been trying to pass similar legislation for years. The primary author for this agenda is Representative Michael Paymar (DFL 64B). The evolution of these bills tips their hand and shows us the ultimate goal: draconian gun control, elimination of private party sales, and total gun registration. Much like the camel’s nose under the tent, if we don’t vigorously oppose this now we’ll eventually end up with the whole package in incremental steps. These laws have never been shown to reduce crime! As recently as 2007-2008, despite the fact that Minnesota already had a functioning transferee permit process and statutes covering both private party sales and sales to ineligible persons, the anti-gun lobbyists pushed House File 3324. This was a very expensive and overreaching piece of legislation which would have done nothing more than make firearms less accessible for law abiding citizens. The bill attempted to eliminate private property transfers between law abiding citizens and register all firearms transfers in a state-wide database. HF 3324 defined a “firearms collectors’ exhibition” as: any event at which 50 or more firearms are offered or exhibited for transfer; and two or more persons are offering or exhibiting one or more firearms for transfer. In 2009-2010 the anti-gun lobby offered House File 2960, defining gun shows as: the entire premises open to the public for the event or function, that is sponsored and has the primary purpose of facilitating, in whole or in part, the purchase, sale, or offer for sale, of firearms at which 25 or more firearms are offered  for transfer, and three or more persons are offering one or more firearms for transfer”. Beware of Camels, Too The anti-gun lobby is constantly seeking to get its nose under the tent and its control on our rights. Now they’re attempting to build support early with a deceptively worded, misleading poll at the State Fair.  They keep stepping back and trying for a little less of the pie but the intent is clear: they want to take your guns away. The anti-gun agenda has been defeated in every committee whether offered as bills or attached to other legislation as amendments. That didn’t happen by accident. It took constant attention and repeated action by GOCRA and gun owners like you. The battle on this issue starts today Please get the word out that this question cannot be taken at face value and the only safe answer is NO. ANY other answer plays into the future plans of anti-gun legislators! Please tell your friends, family, and Representatives that question #1 is vague, deceptive, and unacceptable. And please forward this email to everybody you know, and ask them to sign up, today, at to receive these eblasts.  And then after visiting the Minnesota House of Representative booth and voting a resounding no, enjoy yourself at the State Fair, armed with the knowledge that the Metrocrats are, yet again, trying to pull a fast one, and that we caught them red-handed, again. Thank you for your time and support. Your GOCRA Team Click here to make a donation to GOCRA. Without your support, it would not be possible to continue the fight for your rights.