Hospitals and Clinics seek new liabilities. Are they covered by existing policies?

Read the whole thing and consider bringing the form to your next visit to the doctor.

Is Your Physician Qualified to Advise on Firearm Safety?: In yesterday's Gun Rights Examiner column, we looked at a common practice among many physicians, particularly those associated with HMO/PPOs: Counseling patients who own guns to store them locked and separated from ammunition… Ten years ago or so, I read two articles that defined a unique approach for countering doctors counseling patients on guns,"Risk Management Advice to Physicians and their Insurers: Don't Borrow Trouble,"and "Physicians, Don't Borrow Trouble, Part II". They were written by Joe Horn*, a retired Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff and risk management consultant. He raised some points that intrigued me… Well, that's an interesting thought to add to the mix. I contacted Joe and asked if I could take his thesis and distill it into a form. He agreed, and working together, this is what we produced… (The only firearm questions my physician asks me is whether he made a wise choice in a purchase.)