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Oklahoma May Extend Self-Defense Law: The State of Oklahoma has one of the strongest gun rights laws in their “Stand Your Ground" law. It may grow even stronger, if state senator Joe Sweeden of Pawhuska has his way. Senator Sweeden penned SB 2257 this year to enhance business owners rights in protecting themselves and their property. He was prompted to write the law by the robbery incident involving Oklahoma City pharmacist Jerome Ersland. Mr. Ersland currently faces first degree murder charges for shooting a 16 year-old robbery suspect in his place of business. Following is video of that robbery and the pharmacist retrieving firearms and fighting back… Representative Gus Blackwell of Goodwell is sponsoring the bill in the House. He believes this bill will clarify what a business owner’s rights are when being robbed or attacked. You may contact senator Joe Sweeden for more information at (405) 521-5581.


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