Bill Signing Countdown

Call 651-201-3400 and tell Governor Dayton to sign SF878Governor Mark Dayton has until midnight on Saturday to sign or veto SF878, the public safety omnibus bill which contains five GOCRA/MNGOPAC priority items.

You can help push this bill over the top by calling Governor Dayton’s office at 651-201-3400 (or 800-657-3717) and politely asking that the Governor sign SF878.

It only takes a minute, and it really makes a difference.

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SF878 includes:


GOCRA BRIEFING: Emergency Powers

Emergency Powers Need Limits

During Hurricane Katrina, government officials confiscated and ruined thousands of legally owned firearms, depriving the owners of their property and leaving them vulnerable to criminal attack during a period of lawlessness. A subsequent lawsuit resulted in a large settlement payment by government agencies.

During a declared emergency, the governor’s orders are the law

Under current statute,

“Orders and rules promulgated by the governor…have, during a national security emergency, peacetime emergency, or energy supply emergency, the full force and effect of law.”

These orders may include

“…the direction or control of…the conduct of persons in the state…during, prior, and subsequent to drills or actual emergencies….”

As we have seen in other states, during an emergency, emergency managers have forbidden the carry or use of personal firearm and have ordered the seizure of these self defense tools by police.


The Constitution doesn’t stop during a state of emergency

HF722 is written to ensure that state and local officials don’t violate the Constitution under the pressure of an emergency situation.


The right of self defense is needed most during an emergency

The state’s interest in maintaining order must be balanced with citizens’ civil, constitutional and human rights, including the right to self defense.

Even when there is no state of emergency, police are rarely able to stop a criminal attack in progress; they cannot be everywhere, and usually arrive after the attack has ended.

During a state of emergency, first responders may be stretched very thin, communication may be significantly impaired, and response times may be extensive or nonexistent. This means that, even more than usual, during an emergency, citizens’ only means of protection will be what they can provide.


A simple framework for emergency managers and responders

HF722 provides very clear, very simple rules for states of emergency:

  1. Law enforcement may temporarily disarm a person for their safety, and for purposes of investigation, BUT
  2. Law enforcement may not take a gun away unless they arrest the person.
  3. Orders may not single out firearms or firearm-related items or activities.

A clear process for redress and restoration

In the event that a firearm is seized in violation of those simple rules, HF722 provides for a straightforward process for the owner to petition a court for return of the firearm, and ensures that court costs are borne by the prevailing party, so that the legal costs of recovery do not exceed the loss.

Suppressor, capitol carry hearings scheduled for next week!

It’s time to legalize suppressors in Minnesota and take back our Second Amendment rights!

The first of our pro-rights bills are scheduled to be heard next week. The hearings are open to the public, and we need you there to show our strength!

Hearing Scheduled!

The House Public Safety Committee has scheduled a hearing for three GOCRA-supported bills we want to see passed this year.

The hearing will be held at 10:15 a.m. on Thursday, March 12 in room 10 of the State Office Building, near the State Capitol, and will include these three bills:

HF1434Rep. Mark Anderson‘s bill would legalize firearm suppressors in Minnesota for all lawful purposes.

See our briefing on sound suppressors

HF372Rep. Jim Nash‘s bill would remove the obsolete notification requirement for permit holders who enter any Capitol Area state building.

See our briefing on Capitol carry

HF830Rep. Eric Lucero‘s bill would, after 29 years, update Minnesota law to make it clear that Minnesotans are allowed to buy long guns in other states.

See our briefing on long gun purchase in other states

The committee will also hear Rep. Dan Fabian‘s HF305, which would add recognition of North Dakota carry permits in Minnesota.

Please come if you can, wear a GOCRA t-shirt (or another maroon shirt) and make your presence known!